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BIRIDEN - Instrumental Científico, is a Company established in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2001, which offers scientific instruments and technical support. Our trajectory has provided us with experience and reputation in the market. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals trained abroad. Our know-how and expertise allow us to offer the best technical support of the market. Our work is mainly focused in investigation an analysis laboratories such as clinical, biological, chemical, quality control (QA) among others. 


Our product portfolio includes the most prestigious and leading international brands, such as Nikon Instruments for its entire line of microscopy; Jasco Inc; Thermo Fisher Scientific, for which we are the only authorized sales channel in our Contry for its “Laboratory Products Group” division (Sorvall, Forma, Labsystems, Savant, Finnpipette, Heraeus, Owl, and Barnstead Water Products) among other brands.

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Our Mision is to provide laboratory equipment with the appropriate advice and technical support to all the laboratories of our country, ensuring excellent quality of our products and services.

Our Vision is to become the market leader, providing the broadest range of products available in the market, meeting the customers’ needs and expectations and being at the forefront with international products and brands.

The main values that serve as a compass for our actions and describe our behavior are as follows:

  • Quality of our people
  • Excellent products
  • Technical Support